ZAREVO BULGARIA JSC ‘s terms and conditions concerning hiring a car,  are an integral part of the individual contract.
CONDITIONS TO CUSTOMER/RENTER: Age renter must be at least 21. He must have legitimate documents - a passport and driving license with experience of driving at least 2 / two / years. At a younger age or seniority of less than 2 /two/ years, a deposit is 300% higher than the standard. Only made to lease a car person can manage a rented car. If the additional driver is included, it is jointly and severally liable for the obligations of Renter.
Rent a car and taken with a full tank, washed and brushed.
Renter receives a car key with remote signaling / inside a vein or separately /.
Renter receives a set of documents that certify the registration of the vehicle, vehicle inspection, Liability insurance, road sticker / vinetka . Lease Agreement attached thereto and  shall certify the right of the Renter to use the car.
In the obligations of the Renter enters not leave unattended documents and car key .
The package includes a car CD / Radio, tires according  to season / winter or summer / first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare tire, jack , Triangle.
The Renter is strictly prohibited to replace components, accessories and car parts or repair it without informing us about it.
When transferring the vehicle to the Renter, Lessor makes photos of a car and writes down in the contract  remarks.  When returning the car company authorized person inspects the safety of the car and when it detects damage or loss, which are not covered with  insurance, they must be paid by the Tenant by subtraction from  the security deposit.
DEPOSIT / DEPOSIT : Deposit - the amount that the Renter pays as a guarantee of conscientious use of the car. This amount can not serve the purpose of the payment , with the extension of use. RENTER receives his deposit when he returns the car. The cost of minor injuries / without a protocol from  the Police  / not enough fuel and accessories , shall be deducted from the deposit.

DEPOSIT for crossing border and travel to near countries in EU + Serbia is additional deposit of available car multiplied 3 times + 60 euro fee for crossing border.

CAR RENTAL PRICE INCLUDES: The cost of renting a car for 24 hours , unlimited mileage , insurance  - "Civil Liability " , road tax/ toll / vinetka  /valid for the entire territory of the country , 24- hour roadside assistance / technical support, car rental on the territory of Bulgaria , standard insurance CDW and TP.
CDW- limitation of liability for damage to the amount of the deposit. Applies if a protocol from the Police. Not valid for use in drugs, alcohol or other drugs as well as failure of the law on traffic, or if vehicle is driving by person, who is not part of a rental contract and does not have driving licence.
TP – Limitation of Liability for theft to the amount of the deposit. Applies only if a protocol from the Police and return the documents and keys of the vehicle.
Price does not include additional insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased while renting a car, and RENTER  can be completely free from liability. Renter only need to get the report from Police and contact the company.

Third Parth Insurance
Insurance coverage for the vehicle rented includes Third Party Liability according to Bulgarian law
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) + Theft Protection ( TP )
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) + Theft Protection ( TP ) limits the renter responsibility in case of damage or theft,for the following Non Waivable amounts:
EUR 200,00 – for economy, compact and full size cars
EUR 300,00 – for minivan and SUV 4X4 cars
All rates are inclusive of CDW + TP.

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
If CDW is already included in the rate, the renter can choose SCDW to eliminate the Non-Waivable Responsibility in case of damage. The price of SCDW is
ranges from 5  to 10 euros per day, depending on the class of a car.

Upon return of the car with damage and without submission of a statement from a police for road-traffic accident the renter is obliged, irrespectively of the fault to pay the lessor the full indemnity.
All of the insurances do not cover: damages or losses of the interior of the car, damages or losses of wipers, antenna, signs/badges, CD-player, Navigation system, mirrors, broken windows by negligence, theft of personal luggage, damages of the tires, rims, wheel covers,damages to the underbody of the car.

The insurance coverage as part of the Rental Agreement will become void if:

The vehicle is being used for the transport of dangerous goods, smuggling of people or goods, an unauthorized driver uses the vehicle or if the driver does not possess the required driver”s license, the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, off road driving, cross border occurs without a written permit unauthorized repairs of the vehicle. All of the insurances become void and the renter is fully responsible in following cases: If any damage or theft is not reported to the Police and Zarevo Bulgaria JSC immediately and a written Police report is not provided.
Lessee shall be solely responsible for loss of earnings and the full value of the car.

If Renter is late to return a car with 1 to 4 hours, pays extra 50% and over 4 hours - 100 % of the cost for 1 day.

Working hours of a company are from 09 AM till 07 PM.

For hire outside working hours is a fee of EUR 10,00 per hour (but not more than EUR 60,00).
The rental price DOES NOT include fuel. When returning a hired car with less fuel than written in the contract, the missing  fuel  must be paid by the Renter based on an average cost of 1.50 euro per 1 liter + fee of 10 euros.

PAYMENT: Deposit and the entire cost of rental is payable at the conclusion of the contract. BG Eurodom accepts euros / EUR / and their value in BGN Exchange BNB / Bulgarian Central Bank /. When paying via bank / card / payment is calculated  from euro’s value in BGN  leva by Exchange BNB /Bulgarian Central Bank/+ 2,0% bank fee.



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